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What is your favorite beach on Martha's Vineyard?

June 30 at 10:56a

What's your favorite beach on Martha's Vineyard & why?


Martha's Vineyard Beach and Patio Boutique I am going to go off the radar just a little bit and go with Lighthouse beach. It's convenient to downtown Edgartown has the lighthouse backdrop and I enjoy watching all the activity on the harbor.

Like · Reply · July 1 at 6:36pm

Victoria Tirillo Lucy vincent!!! Quiet, huge rocks and private

Like · Reply · Message · July 2 at 12:35am

Steve Rose I go with state beach

Like · Reply · Message · July 2 at 9:45pm

Linda Ferrini Great rock bite

Like · Reply · Message · July 4 at 9:36pm

George Valley Little Bridge

Like · Reply · Message · July 5 at 5:35am

Chris Valley I like the one with the bathrooms and the easy access to food and drinks.

Like · Reply · Message · July 5 at 5:43am

Elizabeth Leo OB. Yes, really

Like · Reply · Message · July 6 at 6:16pm

Martha's Vineyard Beach and Patio Boutique Well this is one of the greatest things about Martha's Vineyard. Not 1 repeat favorite beach yet. And still no South Beach!

Like · Reply · July 6 at 6:21pm

Megan Jessica Lucy Vincent

Like · Reply · Message · July 8 at 8:53pm

1 Reply

Lindsay H Stephenson LAMBERTS COVE!!

Like · Reply · Message · July 9 at 11:04pm

Tammy O'Connell I LOVE LUCY (V.)!! The ever changing,natural structures and the serenity seem to capture the essence of MARTHA!

Like · Reply · Message · July 10 at 10:25pm

Todd Hollister Lucy Vincent. Very peaceful!!

Like · Reply · Message · July 11 at 2:11pm

Beth Healy Quansoo!

Like · Reply · Message · July 12 at 12:38pm

Gail Avakian Most of the beaches mentioned are open only to residents.

Like · Reply · Message · July 13 at 1:10pm​

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